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Beni Suef province capital of north-central Egypt Beni Suef have open-air market, known as the Syrian Trade Fair, two Chinese underwear suppliers, together with the Syrian businessman selling cheap clothing and accessories. Southern neighboring Minya (Minya), a shopping center at the wholesale Leather Lingerie entrance reads persuade people not jealous of the "Koran" scripture, there is a Chinese underwear corner shopping center. Remote town in Malawi (Mallawi), a Chinese couple sold belts and pajamas across Malawi destroyed museum. Not long before, the museum has just sacked a leather lingerie wholesale group of Islamic extremists and arson.

Within 300 miles of range, I found a total of 26 businessmen from China's underwear: Sohag (Sohag) 4 name Assiut 12, Malawi 2, Minya 6, Beinisuwei Cardiff (Beni Suef) 2 name. It's a bit like the big cats carnivores divided territory: in leather lingerie china the Nile Valley region, 30-50 miles providers typically occurs every group of Chinese underwear, the number of each group of merchants vary depending on local populations. Large enough to carry dozens of people in Cairo.

Businessman Dong Weiping (sound) have a lingerie factory in Cairo, he wholesale faux leather lingerie told me that he had more than 40 relatives in Egypt, all are selling his products. Other Chinese people, compared with more than Egyptian business lingerie shop supply. These Chinese people, underwear business is their life in Egypt, a window, their lives followed lingerie vendor-specific schedule: daytime work began late in the evening to work long hours. faux leather lingerie wholesale Better winter than in summer, Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity, but the best time to sell is Valentine's Day. Therefore this year's Valentine's Day holiday, I said goodbye to his wife, drove four hours to rush to Assiut, observe the locals in the "China Star" store to buy underwear, until nearly midnight, there are people to come shopping.